Jul 19, 2023

Destiny 2: Swarm Of The Raven God Roll

Swarm of the Raven returns with an all-new set of perks to provide players with a God Roll for this Iron Banner time-gated weapon in Destiny 2.

Swarm of the Raven returns to Destiny 2 as a reprised Grenade Launcher. The original version of this weapon was a true champion of the game and held the title of one of the best Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2. Now returned, players weigh in on whether the reprised version of Swarm of the Raven in Destiny 2 holds the same punch as the original.

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It's always an exciting time to see Lord Saladin return to the Tower to host the Iron Banner, especially when he brings forth new weapons for players to claim and test on each other or the enemies of the Light. With a range of Perks, it's time to see the Swarm of the Raven God Roll, and how to get it.

Guardians best get their best PvP loadouts ready, as there will be no combating the Hive or Vex to obtain the Swarm of the Raven. Players need to engage in the Iron Banner playlist, as completing Iron Banner matches and earning Iron Banner XP is the only way forward to obtaining the Swarm of the Raven from Lord Saladin, and testing it on the battlefield to impress Empress Caital's Cabal.

Players should be warned, Season 21 opens with new Exotic Armor and an Iron Banner event that sees the Swarm of the Raven as this season's Iron Banner weapon, but that won't always be the case. Players need to jump into Iron Banner quickly if they are to farm up Iron Banner Engrams and place their fate into RNG to try and get the best Swarm of the Raven God Roll.

At Rank 7, players can get a free Swarm of the Raven. After claiming this Grenade Launcher, players will be able to spend their Iron Banner Engrams to Decode this specific Iron Banner weapon. It will cost players 1 Iron Banner Engram, 25 Legendary Shards, and 20,000 Glimmer, but obtaining the God Roll is completely RNG based.

There are plenty of brilliant Grenade Launchers that players can use in Destiny 2. Great choices have been abundant, including Exotic Grenade Launchers in the Kinetic and Special weapon slots, rather than the usual Power Weapon slot. However, does the new version of Swarm of the Raven hold up compared to the many other explosive options purchased from the Tower Vendor Lord Saladin?

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Sadly, Swarm of the Raven doesn't harbor the best results in terms of high DPS numbers from the Grenade Launchers introduced in previous Destiny 2 seasons. Yet, the range of perks that players can obtain makes the Swarm of the Raven a valued collectible, much like an Exotic fish in Destiny 2.

It's always nice to have a God Roll, even if it's not the greatest weapon in the world. The struggle with finding a PvP God Roll Grenade Launcher comes from the fact that Power Weapons are not exactly a necessity in Crucible content, considering that Power Weapon ammo drops are timed, and dying will see the ammo lost However, there are some decent options before The Final Shape sees Guardians leave the Crucible to fight the Witness.

Quick Launch will see a +10 to Velocity and a +15 to Handling. With these bonuses to the Barrel, Quick Launch will make good use of its short time in PvP thanks to the ability to fire those explosive rounds quicker than normal.

Despite a -20 to Blast Radius, Proximity Grenades will provide Guardians that use this Magazine the ability to have their rounds explode in the proximity of the target. This will be useful for when players miss their grenades, ensuring a quick detonation around the target.

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This Grenade Launcher is all about the speed of those explosive slugs, and players can launch those grenades even quicker with Impulse Amplifier. This 1st Perk will increase Velocity by 35 percent, and provide a +10 to Reload, so that if players do have Heavy Ammo in PvP, they won't be shot to death whilst reloading, and they will certainly have the Velocity to fire faster than any Arc-charging shotgun-wielding Titan.

The damage of the fired grenade will increase depending on how far the projectile travels before exploding when using Full Court. Distance is the key to survival in PvP, and a maximum of 25 percent explosive damage will ensure a one-shot kill to Guardians.

PvE is the best content for Grenade Launchers. Whereas PvP content keeps Power Weapons reserved for a special timed bonus, PvE content is where Grenade Launchers thrive, and players can make Thralls, Taken, and all other ads explode. A good ammo count and a strong set of perks will make the PvE God Roll for the Swarm of the Raven a staple of ad-clearing weaponry.

Velocity and Handling benefit from Quick Launch, providing +10 to the former and +15 to the latter. Quick Launch is a great PvE Barrel choice, as firing quick grenades will benefit against the hordes of ads, and even the miniboss and boss enemies that could exchange a few blows.

In PvE, Spike Grenades will supply a grenade impact damage increase by 50 percent, as well as a +10 to Stability. Spike Grenades are a perfect choice for the Magazine, as what Grenade Launcher wielding Guardian doesn't want a 50 percent increase in damage caused by direct hits?

Auto-Loading Holster has always benefitted PvE players that know how to maximize their DPS through the use of their three weapons and abilities. Auto-Loading Holster can be used with Swarm of the Raven and utilized to a superb degree to ensure a constant stream of heavy DPS against boss phases with this Void Grenade Launcher.

To further increase the magazine capacity of this Grenade Launcher, players are going to want to use Envious Assassin for their second perk. This perk will provide a 20 percent increase to the magazine capacity, provided that players kill enemies with other weapons within 10 seconds of readying the Swarm of the Raven. The use of a larger magazine means more grenades fired and heavier chunks of damage, a violent bout that would make Empress Caital proud.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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